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About Us

Subjects related to Fine Arts combine various fields, such as visuals, music and kinetics, associate audiences’ feelings and imagination via stages, and integrate instruction with recreation through scripts. In the western integrated universities, subjects related to Drama often play a significant role. In our nation, integrated universities which also established departments related to theater arts are: Department of Drama in National Taiwan University of Arts, Department of Drama and Department of Theatre Design and Technology in National Taipei University of The Arts, Department of Drama and Theatre in National Taiwan University, Department of Theatre Arts and Department of Chinese Drama in Chinese Culture University, and Movie and Drama Division of Department of Arts in Fu Hsing Kang College, with the total number of five schools and seven departments. Our school’s Department of Theater Arts expects to cooperate with Department of Music and Institute of Arts Management to promote the development of humanities and arts in Southern Taiwan and to educate students via arts so as to create a broad research scope. Through the expertise establishment education in our department, we hope to cultivate professionals on theaters in Taiwan in order to motivate people in Southern Taiwan to appreciate theater arts. We also look forward to promoting theater arts to be rooted in Southern Taiwan so as to further improve the thorough cultural levels of theaters and achieve the goal of being “a new entrance of Taiwan theaters knowledge and a new export of theater professionals”. Therefore, we officially began to enroll students from 2003.